Commercial Collection 200 - Album

Commercial Collection 200

Title: Commercial Collection 200

Genre: Various

Label: DMC


1. Madonna Immaculate Megamix   
Mixed By Guy Garrett
Madonna 'Into The Groove' P.1985 Sire (W 8934)
Madonna 'Open Your Heart' P.1986 Sire (W 8480)
Madonna 'Express Yourself' P.1989 Sire (W 2948)
Madonna 'Causing A Commotion' P.1987 Sire (W 8224)
Madonna 'Vogue' P.1990 Sire (W 9851)
Madonna 'Like A Prayer' P.1989 Sire (W 7539)
Madonna 'Like A Virgin' P.1984 Sire (W 9210)
Madonna 'Holiday' P.1984 Sire (W 9405)
Madonna 'Lucky Star' P.1984 Sire (W 9522)
Madonna 'Borderline' P.1984 Sire (W 9260)
Madonna 'Deeper And Deeper' P.1992 Maverick (W0146)
Madonna 'Papa Don't Preach' P.1986 Sire (W 8636)
Madonna 'Material Girl' P.1985 Sire (W 9083)
Madonna 'Beautiful Stranger' P.1999 Maverick (W 495 CD)
Madonna 'Ray Of Light' P.1998 Maverick (W 044 CD)
Madonna 'Angel' P.1985 Sire (W 8881)
RT. 19'00" BPM 115 to 134

2. Blackbox
'Ride On Time' (Re-Vocal)
P.1989 Deconstruction (PB 43055) 
Remixed By Love To Infinity
RT. 7'30" BPM 130

2. TLC's Tender Loving Care Mix
Mixed By Brian Butler 
TLC 'Red Light Special' (Intro) P.1995 La Face/Arista (74321273662)
TLC 'No Scrubs' P.1999 La Face/Arista (74321660952)
TLC 'Waterfalls' P.1995 La Face/Arista (74321298812)
TLC 'Un-Pretty' P.1999 La Face/Arista (74321682532)
TLC 'Creep' P.1995 La Face/Arista (74321254212)
TLC 'Diggin' On You' P.1995 La Face/Arista (74321319252)
TLC 'Don't Look Any Further' P.1999 La Face/Arista (74321682532)
RT. 9'10" BPM 94

4. Rock 'n' Roll Party Mix
Showstoppers Vs The Party Jox
Track Selection By Pete Roberts
Bill Haley and his Comets 'Rock Around The Clock' P.1955 MCA/Universal/Island (MCA 128)
Little Richard 'Tutti Fruitti' P.1957 London (HLO 8366)
Lord Rockingham's X1 'Hoots Mon' P.1958 Decca (F 11059)
Eddie Cochran 'C'mon Everybody' P.1959 London (HLU 8792)
Cliff Richard 'Move It' P.1958 EMI (DB 4178)
Cliff Richard 'Do You Wanna Dance' P.1962 EMI (DB 4828)
Elvis Presley 'Hound Dog' P.1956 RCA (RCA 2104)
RT. 6'02" BPM 172

5. George Benson
'Give Me The Night' (Vocal Remix)
P.1980 Warner Brothers (K 17673)
Celebrating Style Guru's
RT. 5'10" BPM 127

6. 7 Magazine Dance Floorfillers      
Mixed By 7 Sinners
Moloko 'Sing It Back' P.1999 Echo (ECDJ 714)
Brother Brown 'Under The Water' P.1999 FFRR (FXDJ 367)
Supercar 'Computer Love' P.1999 Jive (0530390)
Rhythm Masters 'Ibiza In My Soul' P.1999 Neo/Essential (ESP 008)
Victoria Newton 'Martha's Harbour' P.1999 Fresh (FRSHT 72)
DJ Jean 'The Launch' P.1999 AM:PM (CD AMPM 123)
Starfighter 'Apache' P.1999 Neo (NEO 12019)
RT. 14'00" BPM 130 to 136

7. Ibiza Classics (3 Years of Ibiza Hits)   
Mixed By Steve Moore
Todd Terry 'Keep On Jumpin'' P.1996 Manifesto (FESCD 11)
Bucketheads 'The Bomb' P.1995 Positiva (CD TIV 33)
Pete Heller 'Big Love' P.1999 Essential (ESP 001)
David Morales 'Needin' U' P.1998 Manifesto (FESCD 46)
The Heartists 'Belo Horizonti' P.1997 VC Recordings (VCRD 23)
Lucid 'I Can't Help Myself' P.1998 FFRR (FCD 339)
ATB '9pm Till I Come' P.1999 Sound Of Ministry (MOSCDS 132)
Alice Deejay 'Better Off Alone' P.1999 Positiva (CD POS 112)
DJ Jean 'The Launch' P.1999 AM:PM (CD AMPM 123)
RT. 11'51" BPM 130          

  • Give Me The Night (Celebrated Style Gurus Full Vocal Remix) (Madigan & Becket)  › Listen ›› Cue

    Artist: George Benson

    Title: Give Me The Night (Celebrated Style Gurus Full Vocal Remix) (Madigan & Becket)

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